What is ItsAncientHistory? 

It’s Ancient History is a blog dedicated to historical places, events and people. Mostly focused on ancient civilizations, It’s Ancient History will be posting about a variety of times up until the 1820s.

Who is the author? 

Hello. My name is Angela, and I’m a History Major at Volunteer State Community College. I post articles on It’s Ancient History not only to share my knowledge of the past, but also to help me study and research topics I am interested in. There are many subjects I am fascinated by that haven’t been focused on by the multitude. (Ex. The Kingdom of Kush)  My goal is to help others interested in history to have a safe oasis online to rely on. Most of my articles will be backed up by research, facts, and other sources that will help validate my credibility.

(High school seniors on a project, I’m looking at you.)

That being said, I am human and sometimes make error. Not only that, but history is a growing field. Past theories and ideas are being discredited or rediscovered every year. If any mistakes are found on my website or if there is anything you wish to debate feel free to comment or contact me.